The Potential Health Benefits of Royal Jelly

royal jelly benefits to healthA substance that is produced by honey bees, royal jelly is used as nourishment for the Queen Bee. As we can harvest the honey that is produced by the honeybees, we can also harvest royal jelly from a hive. The practice of using royal jelly for its potential health benefits has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks. It’s been consumed, but also used topically for cosmetic purposes. Not to mention, there is a possible correlation between royal jelly and fertility.

What Does Royal Jelly Consist Of?

There are a few different components that are found in royal jelly. It has a large percentage of water (66%), with sugars, protein, lipids, hormones, minerals and vitamins. The percentage of these ingredients will vary based on the type of bee that has produced the jelly, and the location in the world where it is found.

Royal Jelly Benefits*

healthy living with bee productsBlood Sugar Levels and Insulin
Royal jelly has the potential to lower glucose levels in someone who is dealing with diabetes, while increasing their insulin levels to a healthy number. While royal jelly doesn’t necessarily replace life saving diabetes medications and treatments, it can be a complimentary tool.

Cholesterol Levels
A high level of unhealthy cholesterol in the body can lead to heart attack, stroke and many other health issues. Royal jelly in the amount of about 5 grams per day can potentially lower LDL cholesterol numbers over the course of about a month.

Mental Health and Cognitive Abilities
A study was conducted among 31 participants to see if royal jelly would have an effect on their mental health and cognitive abilities. After consuming three grams of royal jelly each day for six months, the participants who consumed the royal jelly scored much higher on assessments than those participants that were not consuming the royal jelly. While there is still much to be understood about this super food, royal jelly may hold a key component to maintaining healthy brain function well into our senior years.

Nervous System Health
Our nervous system controls so many different functions of our body. From our breathing to our heart rate, the way that our neurons are firing will make a big difference in how our bodies feel and function. Royal jelly may have the ability to increase oxygen flow to our brain. Our neurons and neurotransmitters would be able to fire efficiently and properly with this extra oxygen. Our nervous system can also have a major impact on our overall mental health. For someone dealing with anxiety or depression, royal jelly can be a helpful and safe tool.

Immune System Health
Royal jelly contains natural antibacterial and antiviral properties. Whether you’re trying to boost your immune system in a preventative manner or you want to treat an illness that you’re dealing with, royal jelly can often help fight infection*. It can even be used topically as a way to keep a wound clean and treated so it can heal properly.
Royal Jelly and Fertility
Many studies have been conducted which suggest that royal jelly may be helpful when trying to conceive. Because of its high levels of vitamins, minerals and hormones, it has the potential to support fertility and increase a woman’s chance of getting pregnant. If a woman’s body is deficient in any of these important components, she may have difficulty ovulating normally, maintaining a normal menstrual cycle or getting pregnant.

Royal Jelly for Men
Regular Royal jelly consumption may naturally raise testosterone levels in men. This can help with reproduction, maintaining a health weight, avoiding developing diabetes, improving mood and so much more. Maintaining healthy levels of testosterone in the body by way of royal jelly for men can also help support a healthy sleep cycle in a man who experiences insomnia periodically.

If you’re interested in using royal jelly in your own life, it’s important that you find a high quality product that you can trust. Purchasing something which is very potent and pure will give you the best opportunity to benefit from royal jelly and its broad range of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. It’s also a good idea to speak with your doctor before starting any kind of supplement regimen. 

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