Propolis Hand Sanitizer - New Spray Caps

2.0oz bottle - convenient pocket-sized hand sanitizer spray with the added protection of bee propolis to protect the skin and provide residual protection.

Formula / Ingredients

Our Propolcet HS takes the benefits of Isopropyl Alcohol sanitation products to a higher level. The problem with almost all Isopropyl Alcohol products is the rapid evaporation rate of alcohol and the lack of any residual benefits. Also, the majority of other products start out with a base of 70% alcohol (because it's much, much cheaper than 99%) and then dilute the alcohol by adding emollients such as aloe vera or glycerin.

We've fixed these weaknesses in our product. First, we use a 99% IPA base, then add emollients, propolis and a small amount of distilled water (to slow the evaporation rate of the alcohol), leaving you with a potent sanitizer with 75% Isopropyl Alcohol. 

Also, the propolis provides some residual protection on the hands after the IPA has evaporated. IPA based sanitizers generally fully evaporate within around 10-15 seconds of application, leaving behind only a little emollient to moisturize the skin. With our product, after the IPA has evaporated your hands have a light layer of protection from the propolis which continues to work at some reduced level after the alcohol has evaporated. There's no stickiness or any discoloration on the skin, just the light and gentle feel of aloe vera with the protection power of propolis.

The product is very lightly scented with a natural "Spring" aroma.


Why Propolis? - Propolis is probably the most potent natural sterilization substance on the planet. It's produced in the beehive and used to coat the carcasses of small rodents and insects that occasionally find their way into the hive. The propolis is applied over the carcass and creates a protective cocoon, preventing the hive from becoming infected by bacteria from the decaying carcass.