About Us

HiveCentric is a subsidiary of The Natural Shopper, LLC - an innovative nutritional supplement company headquartered in Virginia USA. We custom formulate and supply high quality health products to distributors, wholesalers, retailers and direct to the consumer from our website.


Our product focus is on vitamin supplements, with ingredients sourced from the beehive - royal jelly, bee pollen propolis and honey. We also offer a select line of skincare products sold under a different label.


Our products are manufactured strictly in the USA, we source domestic ingredients and materials wherever possible. All raw materials are tested for freshness, potency and freedom from contamination. When we process a raw material we do so using proprietary techniques to ensure the nutritional integrity of the product. Over the years this has led to the development of techniques for removing moisture from raw materials without the damaging use of heat.


Contact us today for dealer inquiries or to ask about adding HiveCentric products to your retail business.