National Banana Bread Day- Healthy Recipes with Honey

This winter has been harsh. Lots of snow, below average parts of the country that are not used to storms...and, oh yeah, an ongoing pandemic. Time for comfort food! Banana bread is a classic comfort food. It is warm, yummy, and simple to make. In honor of National Banana

Bread Day I scoured the web for yummy but healthy recipes that used our favorite ingredient...HONEY!

Rotten bananas? Make banana bread! The first recipe I found was from a website called Waxing Kara. Kara is an artist, bee keeper, and honey entrepreneur. Plus she has some amazing honey recipes on her website. Her finished banana bread is beautiful...almost artistic. I like that she swaps out the milk that is usually used for Greek yogurt. She also puts pecans and dark chocolate in her bread but I am assuming it would be just as delicious if you skipped those ingredients or substituted a different nut. You can check out her recipe here.

Another beautiful and tasty recipe is from Ginger With Spice. Her recipe also uses honey and substitutes yogurt for the milk but the coolest thing about this recipe is her cinnamon and honey swirl. She layers it in the batter...extra yummy! Another thing that I really liked was all the information she includes in the article with the recipe. She addresses things like "is banana bread healthy" ,"is banana bread good for weight loss", and "is banana bread heathier than cake". You get a really delicious recipe AND some helpful information! Her

recipe can be found here.

When I am looking for any dish that uses honey I have a "go to" website. The National Honey Board website is an excellent source for all things honey. Great information and tons of great recipes. They have several banana bread recipes. You can find my favorite recipe here.

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