Hive Centric Is OPEN! - Since 1998!!

Welcome To Hive Centric!

Hive Centric is the new brand name for 'The Natural Shopper, LLC', a 20+ year company specializing in health products formulated using raw ingredients from the beehive – royal jelly / bee propolis / bee pollen / honey and operating since 1998 from

The Natural Shopper's website will continue as our Private Label and Distributors Portal, but we will also continue into the foreseeable future to serve new and existing retail customers with our current product line. 

However, while The Natural Shopper brand and website is still very much alive and kicking, all future developments of our retail products, along with website features, etc, will take place here at Hive Centric(.com)

If you're an existing customer over at The Natural Shopper(.com), then we want to thank you for your custom and hope you will join us here at Hive Centric. But if you'd rather continue to shop at The Natural Shopper website, then no problem, we'll be keeping that open to you.

So why the change to Hive Centric?

We've been toying with the idea of a name change for a few years now. With time on our hands during the lock-down we decided to make it happen. Also, there are many new website features we've wanted to add over the years, to improve the shopping experience for our customers, and we needed to move to this new 'Shopify' platform, to make those new features happen.


What's new, what's coming through?


Our goal has always been to help our customers maintain or improve their health…especially during cold and flu season or whenever seasonal allergies are at their peak. But with the advent of Covid-19, there has clearly never been a greater need for quality health supplements formulated to support the auto-immune system. So we're working on the development of two new supplements and also a Propolis & Herb Throat Spray with honey and royal jelly, a new and improved hand sanitizer enhanced with Propolis, and a very special royal jelly hand lotion.


Features at the Website:

Autoship: Our customers have been yelling at us to re-instate our 'Autoship' program from several years ago, and thanks to the team at Shopify we've been able to do just that. So now you can buy your supplements at a nice discount, and we'll ship them to your door every month (or any interval you set).

Frequent Buyer Points: Let's face it, our old 'coupon' system was a pain and not very fair. So we've introduced a real 'Frequent Buyers' system where you'll earn points with every purchase and you can redeem them for discounts against future orders. We'll also award points to people who refer friends and family to us or give us a shout-out on social media. 

Customer Support: We're making ourselves more accessible to our shoppers with a new Chat feature (coming soon). When we're here, you can yell at us directly! When we're not around, our little Bee-Bot will take care of some of the common questions people have when at our website.

And there will be more announcements coming soon!

So - the same high-quality supplements that you've grown to love from The Natural Shopper but with an updated look and a new name. PLUS, new products to enhance your immune system, soften your skin, and sanitize your hands! Our new website is easy to navigate and has many new features. What's not to like?

Finally, the support our customers have shown us over the years has been truly amazing! We literally have customers who've been ordering from us regularly for over 20 years! How many other 'online' businesses can boast this!

So welcome to Hive Centric, it's great to have you here. If you have any suggestions or ideas for us we'd love to hear them, just drop us a line any time.

The Team - November 2020

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