Symbiohive - Royal Jelly Capsules and More.

Symbiohive is a product containing a custom blend of royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, and honey.

More than just another royal jelly capsule, the perfect beehive formula contains all four ingredients from the hive in just the right quantities. 

If you shop around you'll see a plethora of different bee products, including:

  1. Royal jelly capsules from 150mg to 1000mg
  2. Bee pollen capsules from 500mg to 1000mg
  3. Propolis capsules from 150mg to 1000mg
  4. Blended capsules with bee pollen and royal jelly
  5. Blended capsules with bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis

OK, so all of the bases are covered, how is Symbiohive different and better than the rest?

Firstly, when you combine all four bee products you cover the full range of nutrients and micro nutrients, not available when you sell only a single product.

Next, when other companies blend bee pollen with royal jelly, the powder is always top-heavy in favor of bee pollen, with only a small percentage of the powder royal jelly. Why? Because bee pollen is cheap and can be found domestically in abundance, and royal jelly is extremely expensive in comparison and is becoming more and more difficult to source.

As a health supplement manufacturer, bee pollen can be sourced for under $10 / pound, where royal jelly is close to $50 per pound.

So it's simple economics. Most supplement manufacturers who make a capsule where royal jelly and bee pollen are blended will use typically a 90:10 ratio, 90% bee pollen and 10% royal jelly, with the royal jelly often being as low as 100mg or less per capsule.

We do not do this. One Symbiohive capsule contains the equivalent of 600mg of fresh royal jelly, with the remainder of the capsule comprised of bee pollen, propolis and a small amount of honey powder (10mg).

So with the suggested 4 capsules daily, you're getting 2400mg of royal jelly, perhaps 10 times the amount our competitors are offering at a similar price.

How can we do this at Hive Centric, and still make a profit? 

It's simple, we're priced to sell direct to the consumer and we spend minimal dollars on advertising and marketing. When you see a product being sold in a retail store, the store owner is buying from a distributor who is buying from the manufacturer. The profit pie is divided three ways so the material cost of the product has to be very low. The only way to accomplish this and remain profitable is to use extremely cheap raw ingredients, hence the high concentration of bee pollen and small amounts of royal jelly.

We sell direct to you. There are no middle-persons, so the retail selling price can be affordable and the product ingredients of the highest quality.


What Are The Benefits of Royal Jelly and Bee Products?

There are really too many to list. Royal jelly has long been associated with men's health and reproductive capability including improvements over time to libido. Royal jelly has been associated with improved fertility in women and regulating hormonal imbalance.

Royal jelly and bee pollen are widely associated with benefits to energy and stamina and are used by performance athletes worldwide in high-energy training regimens.

Propolis is widely regarded to be a potent antiviral substance, with anti-fungal and anti-microbial benefits.

Propolis can be ingested or applied topically on skin rashes, burns, cysts, cankers and more.

I like to think more in preventative terms when it comes to supplementation. Considering the range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids present in quality the raw ingredients of royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis, it's little wonder that they might be considered highly beneficial in supplementing our diets, particularly given the junk food we subject our bodies to on a daily basis.

Pick up a bottle of Symbiohive today and try it for a month. You'll feel the difference, I'm sure of it. Take it for six months and it might just change your life for the better.

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